Sureform Systems specialises in hydraulic and crane-lifted formwork systems and fall protection systems. Our innovative roof edge protection systems are used on towers, perimeter protection screens, and formwork for all vertical and horizontal elements. To discuss the best roof edge protection systems available for your project, please contact us directly.


Sureform System SF14

The Sureform System SF14 is a self-climbing hydraulic jump form system used to form the core walls of a multilevel structure. The SF14 encompasses the wall forms and a supporting structural steel frame climbing frame, complete with 3 to 5 levels of working decks.

The SF14 is designed with the hydraulic rams to be installed into the bracing columns, opening up the work areas inside the cells (boxes) and therefore creating a safer work environment for formworkers and steel fixers required to work within the system.

The SF14 is also fitted with the patented Sureform System 3 way adjustor allowing for the easy adjustment of the wall forms within the system.


Sureform Systems SF25-2FP

  • 2-floor pour system (80 Arthur Street North Sydney Australia)
  • Jump 4.8m in a single stroke of a ram.


Sureform Perimeter System SF25-Xtrude

  • Perimeter & Roof Edge Protection Systems (330 Church Street Parramatta NSW Australia)
  • Forms the sheer walls and columns to provide safety edge protection for the slab edge formwork and climbs as one unit to the next floor.

crane handled formworks

Crane Handled Formwork Systems

Sureform Systems has designed a range of crane handled formwork systems to form the vertical elements of a concrete structure:

  • Crane Handled Core Forming Systems:
    • 70 Queens Road – an internal cell with external wall forms removed with crane each floor, designed to be 1 pour ahead of the floor slabs.
    • Melbourne Water – external wall forms on strong backs, designed to operate independently of the floor slabs.
    • Rolling external wall form
  • Crane Handled Column Form Systems:
    • Column forms complete with working decks designed to be poured in advance of the floor slabs.
    • Column forms designed to be poured on the slab.

edge protection screen Sureform

Safety Edge Protection Screens

  • The Hickory colossus
  • Crane handled formwork screen
  • Hydraulic climbed formwork screen
  • Complete façade behind formwork screen

tableforms - horizontal formwork protection screen

Horizontal Formwork Systems

  • Table forms with built-in complete with roof edge protection, removing the need for edge protection screens.
  • Façade installation table forms, allowing the façade panels to be lowered through the formwork deck and installed 1 floor below the wet deck. These table forms also have inbuilt safety edge protection removing the need for edge protection screens.


General Requests

  • Lift shaft protection and template decks, used by lift installation personnel to install lifts into shafts below the core formwork system.
  • Formwork hoist, used by formworkers to lift materials between floors and remove any dependency and/ or delays to productivity by being dependant on the usually overcommitted crane.
  • Crucifix to install concrete boom pump onto a core jump form system.

Project-Specific Issue Resolution

We’ve developed a number of fall protection systems in response to the specific needs of individual projects. These include:

  • Cantilever decks allowing for a tower to widen at any floor, for work on 27 Little Collins Street.
  • Specialised forms for ‘truss’ or ‘V’ shaped concrete columns, for work at Swinburne Hawthorn.
  • Tapered column forms, for work at Swinburne Hawthorn.
  • Cantilevered table forms complete with hydraulically controlled counterweighted lifting beam, for work on a project at 35 Albert Road.

Australian Made Jump Form & Screen Systems

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