Project Description

Client: Equiset Construction

This was the first project that the SF14 Sureform System was deployed, forming the core walls of the 37 storey tower.

  • Façade Screens
    These screens were design to allow the façade panel to be lowered through the screen platform and installed 1 floor below the wet deck. Allowing for early installation of the façade.
  • Formwork Screens
    These screens were designed with xm2 of formwork attached to them to assist with the floors of the building stepping in and out as the structure climbed.
  • Cantilever
    At level 26 of the structure the floor slab stepped out an additional 4m from the floor below on both the North and South, Sureform Systems designed cantilevered beams, to work with a modified steel reinforcement installation, combined with some concrete elements.